Institutional Development and Management​

  • ​​​Host country aid management
  • Civil society fund management
  • Governance fund management
  • Health fund management
  • Basic Needs Trust Fund management
  • Regional and rural development institute management
  • Research management
  • Harmonization of results and indicators with international standards

​Armstrong received his doctorate in adult education, in 1981, from the University of Toronto, studying under Roby Kidd, the founder of the International Council for Adult EducationMichael Fullan an international leader in the analysis of educational innovations and organizational change, and Joe Farrell, an influential figure in international education and educational planning.  The field research in Thailand for Armstrong's doctoral dissertation focused on the processes and problems of implementing a complex organizational innovation, decentralization, in the Thai bureaucracy.  He has two masters degrees:  in planning (University of Toronto, 1973) and public administration (Carleton University, 1972).​

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Public Sector Reform Projects

  • ​Parliamentary development
  • Cabinet-level  coordination of government policy
  • Public administration reform
  • Elections commission capacity development
  • Conflict of interest
  • Police reform
  • State Bank reform
  • Conflict resolution capacity development
  • Auditor-General Offices
  • Ethics Secretariat 
  • Food Quality management

​Greg Armstrong's experience in the application of Results-Based Management to real-world situations includes work at the aid agency level and in the field in training, needs assessments, policy analysis, project design, project field management, results-based monitoring, and evaluation.  

His work has focused specifically on planning approaches and reporting mechanisms to clarify and simplify the identification of results, and to facilitate project management in a wide range of sectoral and thematic areas, including: ​

Results-Based Management Specialist Greg Armstrong

Greg Armstrong is a ​Results-Based Management specialist who has worked since 1967 in international development, in Asia, Africa and in Canada: in governance, rural development and education programming as a field manager, researcher, project designer, trainer and mentor.

Justice Reform, Rule of Law and Human Rights Projects

  • Justice system and judicial reform - project design and assessment
  • Monitoring capacity development in the legal system
  • Administrative court management
  • Sentencing reform
  • Institutionalization of human rights agencies
  • Human rights training for journalists
  • Human trafficking
  • Border areas and refugees

Greg Armstrong's RBM Experience


Gender and Development

  • CEDAW implementation
  • Gender and Shariah Law 
  • Applying qualitative research and RBM to gender in education​


  • Harmonization of bilateral and multilateral maternal​, newborn and child health indicators
  • Children with disabilities
  • ​Health Fund proposal assessment procedures
  • Burma / Myanmar Border area health care

​As a monitor, evaluator, and RBM trainer, Greg Armstrong applies basic concepts of adult learning and the implementation of change to the ways in which ideas -- such as Results-Based Management --  can be communicated and effectively applied in the practical world of day-to-day project management.  His goal is to liberate the results which development professionals are achieving, from the discouraging morass of bureaucratic jargon that makes results reporting seem impossible.

As a Results-Based Management specialist, Greg Armstrong focuses on clarifying the way we think about results, to enable practitioners in all fields -- the real experts -- to recognize and have confidence in the depth of their own understanding, and in the process, to themselves identify results, define and trace performance indicators, to explain in clear terms the results they are achieving or want to achieve

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Education and Human Resources Management

  • Vocational education management
  • Primary education and child-friendly schools
  • Decentralization of education
  • Regional university outreach
  • Regional human resource development in Southeast Asia
  • Collaborative research skills development in the Mekong region
  • Training of trainers in Results-Based Management

​RBM Training Approach

Performance Measurement Framework

Environmental and Natural Resources Management and Rural Development

  • Rural development institute management
  • Urban environmental management
  • Decentralized environmental management
  • Watershed management
  • Disaster management and emergency response
  • Natural resources management

​​​​Sectoral Application of Results-Based Management

RBM Training

Greg Armstrong

Country Field Experience in RBM Training

Greg Armstrong's work specifically on results-based management includes multiple training, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation activities in:

  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Lao PDR
  • ​Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Tajikistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Burma / Myanmar border area
  • Tanzania
  • Namibia
  • Ethiopia
  • Barbados
  • Canada
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