​If you are interested in learning more on your own about results-based management, below are links to 50 RBM guides and websites with other tools and opinions on results-based management, related topics on planning and evaluation, and information on the donor agencies' approaches to results-based management.​​​

Readers can find the most recent reviews of Results-Based Management guides and tools at the Results-Based Management Websites Review, a blog written by Greg Armstrong.

  • ​​The International Fund for Agricultural Development's eminently practical and detailed 2002 IFAD Guide for Project M&E, [See review] available for download in 8 parts, and the two more IFAD-specific Results and Impact Management Management System (RIMS) handbooks, (2005 and 2011) available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. These handbooks are clearly focused on users of a particular reporting framework,but have some elements of interest to those outside IFAD, who are interested in indicators and data collection. ​


  • The European Commissions Capacity4dev.eu knowledge sharing platform has a number of interesting documents on Results-Oriented Monitoring, indicator development, and other subects on its Topics page, courses on its Learning  page, and several groups  with relevant discussions. 

Bilateral Aid Agency Results-Based Management

​Other Useful Results-Based Management, Evaluation and Planning Toolsype your paragraph here.

​Results-Based Management Guides

​​These websites have a variety of tools, opinions and news of potential relevance to people wanting to improve RBM skills:

  • The Cambodia Ministry of Planning's Monitoring And Evaluation: An Approach To Strengthen Planning In Cambodia [PDF - about 2 MB] is not revolutionary but it is a good, solid primer for line agencies on how to integrate Results-Based Management in national planning. It deserves a wider audience, but was originally buried deeply in some arcane and difficult to find location on the Ministry of Planning website. [See review]

  • The World Resources Institute's Governance of Forests Initiative (GFI) Guidance Manual, (you will find it in the upper left-hand corner of that web page) contains a large number of indicators, and guidance on collecting data about governance in general, much of it applicable other issues, aside from forest management. [See review]


  • Working Across Translation, Suzie LeBlanc's short, eloquent argument for clear language in cross-cultural communication, written in September 2013, could easily be applied to anyone working in results-based management.

​Donor Agency RBM, Planning & Evaluation Websites

Results Indicators in the news:

Results-Relevant Audio Podcasts

Performance Measurement Framework

Multilateral Agency Results-Based Management​

Current Indicator Discussions

The donor agencies' websites vary in quality, and they do not always implement their own results-based management guidelines, but if you are working with them, it is wise to know how the different agencies, at least in theory, approach results-based management.  The links sometimes expire as the agencies archive their old material, but a search for the title can often find them in other locations.

RBM Training

Greg Armstrong

Audio Podcasts available for listening, that are relevant to results-based management and indicator development:


  • The USAID Learning Lab which focuses on collaborative learning and has a number of short learning resources, discussions and groups on Results-Based Management, and other topics from USAID and other agencies.