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​​​​​Bilateral Agency Results-Based Management​ Guides

  • Global Affairs Canada has updated its Results-Based Management guides to include the GAC RBM Guide (2016), the GAC Results Reporting Guide (2018), and 12 other  tools developed between 2018 and 2021.  These are useful tools for any group, funded by any agency, which needs to develop logic models, performance measurement frameworks, and risk frameworks, to organize information for results reporting, and to develop indicators on a wide range of topics.  A visual guide to the GAC RBM tools, descriptions of what they look like, an assessment of their utility for project design, management, M&E and results reporting, with links for downloads to all of them are included in this in-depth review of GAC RBM Guides updated in 2021.



  • The USAID Learning Lab which focuses on collaborative learning and has a number of short learning resources, discussions and groups on Results-Based Management, and other topics from USAID and other agencies.

The donor agenciy and development organization websites vary in quality, and they do not always implement their own results-based management guidelines, but if you are working with them, it is wise to know how the different agencies, at least in theory, approach results-based management.  This page is updated regularly, but the links sometimes expire as the agencies archive their old material.  If that happens, a search for the title can often find them in other locations.

Other Useful Results-Based Management, Evaluation and Planning Tools

 ​​These websites have a variety of tools, opinions and news of potential relevance to people wanting to improve RBM skills:


  • The Cambodia Ministry of Planning's Monitoring And Evaluation: An Approach To Strengthen Planning In Cambodia [PDF - about 2 MB] is not revolutionary but it is a good, solid primer for line agencies on how to integrate Results-Based Management in national planning. It deserves a wider audience, but was originally buried deeply in some arcane and difficult to find location on the Ministry of Planning website. [See review]

  • The World Resources Institute's Governance of Forests Initiative (GFI) Guidance Manual, (you will find it in the upper left-hand corner of that web page) contains a large number of indicators, and guidance on collecting data about governance in general, much of it applicable other issues, aside from forest management. [See review]


  • Working Across Translation, Suzie LeBlanc's short, eloquent argument for clear language in cross-cultural communication, written in September 2013, could easily be applied to anyone working in results-based management.

​​​Donor & Development Agency RBM, Planning & Evaluation Websites

​If you are interested in learning more on your own about results-based management, below are links to 50 Results Based Management handbooks, guides and websites with other tools and opinions on results-based management, related topics on planning and evaluation, and information on the donor agencies' approaches to results-based management.​​​

Readers can find the most recent reviews of Results-Based Management guides and tools at the Results-Based Management Websites Review, a blog written by Greg Armstrong.

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Multilateral Agency Results-Based Management​ Guides


  • The European Commission's knowledge sharing platform has a number of interesting documents on Results-Oriented Monitoring, indicator development, and other subjects on its Topics page, courses on its Learning  page, and several groups  with relevant discussions. Also of use in understanding the European approach to RBM  is the Updated 2018 EU Development Results Framework. ThEuropeAid Results Oriented Monitoring Handbook [See discussion ​of earlier versions] is focused more on managing the consultants conducting monitoring, than it is on the application of RBM to project management  

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